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Birthday Recap

I am now 31.  I didn't care too much when I turned 30.  But at 31, it does feel like you've come up over the top of a great mountain and your only other option is down, down, down.

Friday:  Margie, my college roommate, was in town from NYC.  I bought us tickets to see Morningwood at the Independent.  The opening bands sucked so bad that we drank heavily to stay entertained.  As Fast As and The Lashes - never ever again.  However, Morningwood didn't disappoint.  Frontwoman, Chantal Claret, put on a wild show with gritty, raspy vocals reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  A friend said she looks too much like the Snapple lady.  Ouch.  

Saturday: What a beautiful day!  I spent most of it hanging out at Dolores Park, eating snacks and drinking beer.  That left me super tired for my night out with friends.  I celebrated at Home in the Castro and ran into ljkrissy, who was going to see a band at Cafe du Nord.  A few of us tried to muster up energy for going out, but in the end we all went home early.

Sunday:  I spent the day at Malibu Grand Prix, racing cars and playing mini golf.  So much fun! 

All in all, a wonderful birthday.  Though my throat hurts now from all the screaming I did when whipping around the track.  And I'm tired.  Man, I feel old. 
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