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Yellow Merry Happy Drivers Wanted

I almost died Monday morning on the way into work. 

Hay fever this season has been horrendous.  My allergies keep me up at night and I'm constantly blowing my nose throughout the day.  I finally went to see a doctor after three months of dousing myself with over the counter anti-histamines and decongestants, on top of spraying Febreeze all over the apartment.  Advertised as being able to kill 75% of airborne allergens, I don't believe it's done anything except make the apartment smell like lilacs. The doctor prescribed stronger meds and nasal spray.  Gross.  It's Nasoncolyx or some other derivative of Nasonex.  I hate the bitter back drip.   However the rewards are worth all the disgusting bits, as I am no longer a mouth breather. Hurrah! 

There is one small setback , as with most quick fixes, the new meds pretty much knock me out. 

So on Monday morning, despite the cold shower and sprint to my car, I was still half-asleep.   I drove to George's cafe envisioning a double dose of espresso...hell, possibly even three and a slice of banana nut loaf.    And as with all other mornings, I stopped across the street and made a u-turn towards the opposite side.  But in my handicapped state, I forgot the tres importante step of checking my blind spot. 

A truck in the next lane came barreling down the street and screeched to a halt (a smoke and hissing from the radiator kind of halt), as I clenched the wheel all wide-eyed.  It stopped about a foot away from hitting the driver-side door.

Needless to say, I was wide awake by then.  :/
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