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Silence is Golden

Three days ago I dropped my cell phone. I dropped my lovely, shiny Razor phone...into a bowl of steaming noodles.


A strangled cry, like that of a wounded animal, escaped from me as I fished the phone out with a pair of chopsticks. I stared in horror at the flickering keypad and disintegrating wallpaper. Was it too late??? Thankfully I yanked it out before the SIM card was ruined. As for as I can tell, all fifty friends and the other seventy that I don't talk to anymore, are doing a'ok. Goodie.

So now, I'm contemplating whether I want to replace the phone. I feel oddly naked without it...but at the same time totally independent and free. Free as a bird. Though I suppose that's probably why streakers and nudists like being naked. Um, I like it too. Honestly it's been rather refreshing to not have to answer to anyone. Usually when I turn off my phone, I feel as though I'm shutting out friends and family. But in this case, it's totally not my decision nor is it my fault if you don't hear from me.

Of course there are the bad things getting stranded on the side of the road without my phone. ...or getting in trouble for being late because I couldn't call ahead. ...or not being able to text message. Oh god, it's horrible isn't it???
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