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Writer's Block: Giving Thanks

What are 10 things you are thankful for?

10. The holiday bin of tri-flavored popcorn in the kitchen. Why choose just one flavor when you can have it all: caramel, butter, or cheese. Mmm. Cheese.

9. The gossip magazine person in the office. Thank you for the weekly subscriptions to US Weekly, People, and if I'm lucky STAR magazine. How else would I stay on top of fashion trends or the latest on Amy Winehouse hiding more cocaine in her beehive. Fascinating!

8. No weird or unappetizing foods this year. The closest I came to weird food was blowfish in Japan. But that was rather tasty. Hopefully my trip to China next year won't find me eating dog or monkey brains.

7. Forever 21. Cheap clothing at it's finest. Wear, wash, and toss. Sometimes tossing without washing.

6. Spas. Deep tissue massages, mani-pedis, facials, steam rooms, jacuzzis... Need I say more?

5. My VW Beetle. I love to hate you. Yes, I did say I was getting another car, but here I am driving you to the dealership month in and month out. We've been together 8 years and minus some scratches, you're still looking mighty fine. So the seat handles have been replaced. Three times. And you have an oil consumption problem. But we all got problems don't we?!

4. That Nick cooks better than I do.

3. For once in my life, I'm living comfortably. Almost debt free and able to afford a nice meal or a tropical vacation when I want to. And without guilt. That's the most important part.

2. Champagne.

1. Of course my #1 thing to be thankful for is friends and family. You knew that was coming.
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