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Two Dirty Martinis, Please...

This trip has been a lot of fun, but not quite the 'fly by the seat of my pants' adventure that I had hoped for.  And while I knew my parents weren't going to do anything wild and crazy, I had hoped they would have let me do it!   It didn't help that we traveled with my aunt, who's 71.  A young 71...but not young enough to take me out dancing at night.

No renting bikes, motos, or jet skis.  No journeys to the mountains or national parks, and definitely no swimming or sunbathing.  God forbid the locals should see a girl in a bikini here.  The closest I got to swimming, was dipping my feet into the sandy beaches of Hoi An while they ate crab around the bonfire.  They were also really concerned about safety, so definitely no walking around alone at night. 

But there are bonuses to traveling with parents:
* I can rest assured that I will always be fed, and fed well at that
* They will undoubtedly have anything that I need - toilet paper, toothpicks, sunblock, etc
* They will cover me if I'm ever short on cash
* And they always know how to make me feel better if I'm ill

And out of pity for their daughter, they had beer with me last night.  One bottle each.  I took another two bottles back to my room and downed them watching BBC News.  I haven't looked forward to going out to a bar this much since I was 20.  Has it only been a week? 
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