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In the City of the Soaring Dragon

I'm currently in Hanoi.  The weather is surprisingly nice, which is a great change from the searing, dry heat of Central Vietnam.  We arrived very late this evening.  Our flight out of Hue was delayed so we missed today's planned historical tour.  I'm bummed that we have only another day here before we head north to Halong Bay.  

This city is beautiful at night, especially over in the old French quarter.  I'm sure during the day, it'll be just as dusty and old.  But at night, you can forget that this is still a developing country.  It's a lot quieter than Saigon, but you don't have to go far to find the crowds of youngsters on their motos.  We had a quick meal of northern style pho noodles before heading off to the weekend night market.  I was hoping to find water puppets for winniewong, but they only had clothing and jewelry for sale. 


It's been a great trip, if not emotional at times since so much of my family's history is here.  We spent two days in Saigon before heading south to the fishing towns around the Mekong Delta.  Then we flew to Danang in Central Vietnam and made our way to Hoi An, and then on to Hue.  Hoi An is a beautiful little beach town.  Definitely a spot I'd return to the next time I'm in Vietnam. 

I spent the first few days stumbling over my Vietnamese.  Mom was so not happy about that.  Heh.  I kept mixing up all the different variations of formal and informal pronouns.  A couple of times I referred to myself as little sister instead of big sister or auntie.  But after a week of almost no English, I'm back into the swing of things.  =)  However, I'm still adjusting to the heat.  Southern Vietnam was warm but humid.  Everyday I walked around with a film of sweat on me.  Danang and Hue was HOT...HOT...Hot like Texas in July.  I got a sunburn at 3pm in the afternoon wearing 35spf sunscreen.  HOT.  I heard Hanoi was supposed to be worse but I guess we lucked out.  

I'll write more about the trip when I get back.  I seem to be having problems posting entries from Nam.  I've tried three other times and the shitty internet connectivity has caused me to lose long and detailed entries.
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