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going after hours

Last night I left work just as the skies were darkening. As I approached the car this guy pulled up beside me at the stoplight. I hopped into the car and see out of the corner of my eye that he's backing up slowly.


Guy: *waves*
Me: Squinting against my mist covered windows thinking 'do I know you?'
Guy: *waves again and mouths 'Hi!'*
Me: Well, he kind of looks like Angel.
Me: *waving tentatively*
Guy: *waves again*
Me: Smile. With teeth and head nodding.
Guy: Drives off with another wave of the hand.
Me: Staring after the car... Oh wait, Angel doesn't have a BMW.

Damn I hate responding to people that I don't know. Usually I don't make eye contact with anyone on the street.

Poll #1069276 Strangers Don't Bite

Do you talk to strangers who approach you?

Hardly. I'm usually pressed for time.
Sure it's okay to be friendly
I only talk to bums on the streets
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