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the heritage flight to san francisco

It was another beautiful weekend around the bay. There are probably only a few more of these left before the cold weather arrives. Nick went up to Sonoma on Friday for a wedding so I had the entire weekend to myself. A lot of time was spent cleaning and running errands on Saturday. Not terribly eventful but my tub is sparkling from the scrubbing and the car is purring again after that much needed oil change.

I spent today in the city enjoying Fleet Week activities. It started with a mimosa and crab cake brunch at Pier 23 with friends. We sat on the deck under the noon sun and watched the families line up for the naval ship tours. Afterwards we made our way to the Marina district to watch the Blue Angels airshow from the rooftop at Christine's place. My measly photo of the four planes isn't great but you get the point. :P

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