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In preparation for my tooth extraction today (what? yes, long story..), I went to the Asian market to stock up on food. Mom always served porridge when I wasn't feeling well and I planned on making a big 'ol pot of it. Enough for me to feast on for the next couple of days. It's been a really long time since I've gone to a Ranch 99 market. Over a year I think, which is a long time coming from someone that went there once a month just a few years ago. I don't cook much anymore, so there isn't a need for a specialty market when all I get is milk and eggs.

There were four items on my shopping list:
- green onions
- pickled cucumbers
- salted duck eggs
- dried, shredded pork

Also purchased:
- 2 packages of IndoMie spicy beef noodles
- 2 packages of MaMa Tom Yum soup noodles
- pocky stick cookies
- a jar of szechuan bean curd
- a jar of chili bamboo shoots
- pork and leek dumplings
- cabbage and chicken potstickers
- 4 packages of Myojo Udon noodles
- brocoli crowns
- spinach
- a big jar of kimchee
- 3 packages of instant sticky rice & chicken
- bananas
- sweet sesame dumplings
- seedless grapes
- 3 packages of preserved cabbage and bamboo shoots
- fried gluten (mmm, right?)
- chili garlic sauce
- seasoned wasabi seaweed
- cans of lychees and longans
- 1 tub of Marukome miso soup base
- five spice bean curd
- 2 packages of fish cakes
- 24-pack of Vitaysoy soy milk

And lastly, a 25 pd. bag of jasmine rice. :P
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