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The World Through My Eyes

My apartment complex has a laundry room with five sets of washers and dryers. There's one dryer that works better than the rest. It's the one that's always in use and has never broken down. For a few months last year, it gave away extra drying time without any additional coins.

Last night there was a note on the dryer. Not written on the usual maintenance sheet from the landlord, but instead on a torn piece of paper. "This dryer doesn't work well. Do not use." I paused for a second and considered the possiblities. Yes, someone could have been nice enough to warn the rest of us. Or ... someone is trying to save the awesome, super dryer for themselves.

Aha! So I put my clothes into the dryer. Forty-five minutes later, I found that not only am I really pessimistic about people and their actions but that my laundry was still wet.
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