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oh to long, long weekends

We need official three day weekends at least once a month! I feel really relaxed today and am looking forward to the work week again. This is a far cry from the stress and anxiety I was feeling on Friday. I left the office that day promptly at 5pm to treat myself to last minute mani-pedi. Not the $20 quickie treatment from my usual Laurel Heights spot, but a fancy spa package from Zaza Nail Spa. Sadly even while they massaged mango infused lotion into my hands and feet, I couldn't help but think about the piling list of to-dos back at the office.

It took two margaritas from Latin America in the Mission before I stopped obsessing about work. Afterwards Nick and I planned on seeing "King of Kong" in Berkeley. But we missed the Bay Bridge shutdown by a half hour and spent the next hour driving around and over the San Mateo bridge to get home. It wasn't a complete waste though since we got to stop off at In-N-Out Burger for dinner.

Saturday we spent the day in Napa with Ada and Kelvin. OMG, it was HOTTT up there. One hundred degrees of dry heat that didn't let up until the late afternoon. We didn't make it to that many wineries since a good couple of hours were spent eating and drinking on the picnic grounds at V.Sattui. I stuffed myself full of truffled mousse pate and artichoke cream cheese. Delish! We stopped at Domaine Carneros in Sonoma right before closing and finished the day off with a bottle of their Brut Rose.

Sunday and today, I spend the afternoon hitting balls at the Presidio driving range with Nick and a few friends. I'd like to start taking lessons again but hate the thought of really getting into a sport that requires significant practice. Though I suppose everything requires a little dedication. A freak accident happened just as we were finishing our bucket of balls. Nick shanked a ball off his driver straight into some man's arm a few feet away. It left a deep red welt on his poor arm. We felt horrible but at the same time were relieved that ball hadn't smacked him in the face instead.
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