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still unknown

give me more dollas

I've been racking up on $50 parking tickets in the alley behind the office. Too many all day meetings keeping me from checking on the car. The old man that owns the Hardware Restoration store in the alley offered to let me park in his lot. He said he felt sorry for me and that I must be rich to not care about the tickets. Rich? Er, not quite.

But alas, he hasn't been around. So I've caved in a couple of times in the last week and parked the car in the regular lot. I must admit it's nice to not have to worry about the car. And because the lot closes at 7pm, I *have* to leave the office at 6:30pm. Which means I have been making it to the gym. Woo! Then it's back home to finish up on work. Bleh.
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