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Tales of Transformation

I thought nothing could top VH1's Rock of Love starring Bret Michael, the lead singer from Poison. After almost two decades that man still got the goods. Well, at least to the ladies on the show he does. Every week I watch as the scantily clad women duke it out over competitions like dirt bike racing and rock song writing. It's rather fascinating and with slightly less drama than the former Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav.

I should have known there would be something better soon enough! VH1 just aired a show called The Pickup Artist. Eight "socially awkward" men come together to learn the skills for wooing women, and compete for the title of Master. Pickup. Artist. I especially love the "master" - who's this beady eyed man named Mystery who kind of looks like a pirate. He enjoys wearing ruffled shirts, goggles on his head, and fur hats. Pimp hats, really. His sidekicks are precious too. Matador and J Dog. No they're men, not dogs. One's a British guy with racing stripes on the side of his head and the other could be really hairy but he trims well.

They showed scenes from the rest of the season and there's lots of goodies. A bit of crying, some painful soul searching, three strippers, and kissing for the what looks to be like the first time. It's rad. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. :P
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