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they come for the dead

It's been years since I've had an ant problem in the apartment. Two weeks ago I found a little trail (10-15 ants) by one of the bathroom corners. I spent a half hour cleaning and spraying insecticide along the edges of the flooring. That seemed to do the trick for a few days. But later in the week I found four ants scurrying about on the bathroom counter as I was brushing my teeth. The next day I found two more on the bathroom counter and another four in the tub. Ugh. Gross, okay more cleaning and spraying.

Fast forward another week and I still haven't been able to eradicate the ants. They are now randomly popping up around the apartment. There's always 3-4 crawling on the bathroom counter every day. I also found a few on the kitchen counter but with no apparent trail. I cleaned the counters then checked back an hour later and found another three. And while mopping the kitchen floors today I found five crawling across the molding behind the garbage can. Wtf?

There's even ants somewhere in my living room. I'll be typing on the laptop and a little one will crawl across my screen. I've killed four of them on my laptop in the last week. All individual ants that seem to have emerged from out of nowhere. Are they coming up from the floor onto the power cord? Are they crawling across my floor and I'm not aware of it? Gross.
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