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old habits die hard

Still getting used to my iPhone. At least once a day, I'll accidentally dial a friend when trying to click the '>' option. I've had to keep the phone unlocked because it's too difficult to drive and enter the passcode each time I need to change a song or answer a call. Sometimes when talking my cheek triggers the screen and friends will be placed on mute. I'm told this isn't possible but it happens at least once a week with me. I also don't like that I can only see the recent call times for the current day only. How will I back up any of my stories from last week? Yes, I called...I called at um, you the evening sometime.

And for some reason my text messaging skills are not up to par on this phone. I'm still pressing the space bar to ignore a keyword suggestion, forgetting that it's the opposite function on the iPhone.

The other day I sent out - "Well I tried to explain. But then you got pussy."

Ten seconds later - "Er, that's pissy. Not pussy."
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