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Running with the Bulls

It's rare for me to jump on any Daily Candy recommendations, especially when it's on the same day. However I lucked out last night for dinner. After work I met up with Ada and Kelvin on Union Street. We searched for a good half hour for Home Restaurant before finding that it had been replaced by Palmetto, which included a stuffy wait staff and not so cheap menu. We dragged our feet next door to Betelnut before I remembered that Laiola was having it's opening night.

The venue is small and cozy, the perfect size for parties of 2-4. They won't have a liquor license for another six weeks so it's BYOB, but there's no additional corkage fees. You can also go down the street to Nectar Wine Lounge and buy bottles of wine (mention Laiola and they'll throw in a 10% discount).

While the service was spotty and the wait really long, the food was excellent. At our table:
* House cured meats: Salchichon (spicy dry pork) and Butifarra de pato (duck and pistachio)
* Savory garlic flan, cumin caramel
* Chickpea croquetas, olivada aioli
* Octopus braised in tomatoes, celery salad
* Bistec a la parilla, NY strip, cabrales butter
* Slow roasted Napa lamb, baby leeks, salsa verde
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