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Check, Check, Check...

Three pairs of cargos, five t-shirts, two tank tops, Bull Frog sunscreen, Malarone (malaria pills), Azithromycin (anti-diarrhea pills), Xanax (anxiety pills), anti-bacterial cleanser, a straw hat, and one flowered bikini set.  

Hmmm...I believe I've packed more for a weekend in Vegas with friends.

It's probably because I'm trying to do this at midnight.  I'll finish this tomorrow, though I've read it's better to pack light since Vietnam sells everything that you need at a fraction of the price.  But I've never been known to leave the house without an action plan, much less leave the country with barely enough to last me a week. 

And to copy cruciallybut without all the extra miles, here's my flight plan: SFO-TPN-SGN-HAN-NHA-SGN-TPN-SFO.

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