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bring on the presents

Nick bought me an iPhone for my birthday. As burr86 would say, the design is of course very sexy. I'm not quite sure if I love it yet since it feels an awful lot like I'm playing a video game when I'm on it. I miss the click, clickety feel of a regular phone. It's also hard maneuver on the phone while driving. Though I suppose that's a good thing. :P

I spent several hours last night syncing my contacts and music. I went a bit OCD and stayed up until 2am cleaning out the dupes and tinkering with the settings. Heh. I am very tired today and still have a whole night of partying ahead. The girls are throwing me a birthday dinner at Osha Thai, then we're headed to John Collins for drinks. Stop by if you're in the area. If there are any stragglers left after that, we'll probably head to Harlot for dancing.

And as a present to myself, I purchased a painting from Jenny to hang above my piano. I haven't gotten to mounting it on the wall but I think it goes nicely there...

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