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Manga Madness

There's a special exhibit on Tezuka Osamu at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. He created hundreds of manga titles and anime films, probably most well known internationally for the anime series Astro Boy. The exhibit is showing until early September. I highly recommend taking the time to see it even if you're not into manga comics. The exhibition highlights original drawings, paintings, and posters over the entire course of Tezuka Osamu's career. His work was so well executed, intricate, and evoked dynamic motion through pen and ink in amazing ways.

Also showing at the museum are wood block prints by Taiso Yoshitoshi dating back from Japan's Edo to Meiji eras. Really beautiful prints in movement and color with fine brush strokes and delicate details. The prints are light sensitive, so the first set is being shown now and a second set will be rotated into the space in July.

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