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when it's unexpected

The janitor at Nick's restaurant was jumped the other night. He's a sweet, old Mexican man, almost 50 years old, who's blind in one eye and speaks very little English. Five men surrounded him as he came up the escalator at Oakland's downtown Bart station. They knocked him to the ground and began kicking him from all sides. Seeing that he was wearing an eye patch, one of them proceeded to bash his good eye repeatedly. :(

The most terrible part was that the Bart station janitor watched the entire time and didn't even call the police! F yelled out to him several times for help, but the man just stood there doing nothing. The men took his shirt and wallet, and left him stumbling to the restaurant bleeding all over the place.

C and T drove him to the hospital where they stitched up his eye and put his nose back in place. They did an x-ray scan of his body and thankfully nothing else was broken. We're still waiting to hear if his good eye will function the same after it heals. Everyone at the restaurant is chipping in for the hospital bill because F doesn't have any health insurance. We think the guys jumped him for the fun of it and obviously not for his money. There are plenty of business people in that area that would have been better targets, but a scruffy, old man is someone they could easily beat up.

Thankfully there was another witness and one of the men has already been arrested. We're hoping he'll rat out the other guys in due time. And the best part is that heartless Bart station janitor was fired yesterday.
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