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I feel bad for not writing more often these days. Seems like I'm only capable of weekend recaps full of heavy boozing and 80s Music Fridays, which is a meme that I just can't seem to resist. I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things again, these things always goes in cycles.

Friday Night:
* Drank a bottle of champagne at Nick's place after work
* Ate yummy Indian food at a hole in the wall next to Cable Car Pizza on Mission and 16th street
* Met up with Victor at Delirium for a couple of drinks and lots of hipsters
* Wound down the night at the UpTown playing rounds of PGA Golf Arcade games

* Woke up earlyish and had a terrible breakfast at Mission Kitchen cafe - corned beef hash was mushy and the sausage was oozing too many bubbles of fat
* Hit the gym for cardio and weights with Ted and Nick. We went to the ClubONE on 3rd Street, which is right by the office. Great location, closer than my 24hrFitness, with a dry sauna and outdoor pool too. Not that I can swim but having options is nice!
* Went to a private roller derby event to watch Kathleen skate for the first time (go Crashleen!)
* Drove to the Castro at 11pm, into the the thick of the Gay Pride Weekend block party on Castro & Market Street, to attend Maria's "Pink Party" (photos below)

* Peeled myself from bed at 10am to setup for Shirley's bridal shower.
* Spent the afternoon playing ridiculous games such as Gift Bingo and Toilet Paper Bride
* Had oysters, pizza, and yes, more champagne with Patty and Ada at MarketBar down in the Ferry Building
* Crashed in bed at 10pm and dreamdt of fondue, plane rides, and new teeth.

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