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I take the fun out of every occasion

I'm a tough person to buy presents for. Chinh has resorted to giving gift certificates and at times just flat out giving me cash. This is of course after years of accompanying me on return trips to the mall to exchange gifts. Shamefully some presents were even exchanged several times. Ada and Mirabelle don't bother with surprises and allow me to pick something that will let them divide it evenly up to a max of $150 per person.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and Nick has been asking around for suggestions. Friends in turn have called me to request a list. I'm leaning towards the Wii because it holds endless hours of fun and it's something I probably wouldn't get for myself.

Poll #1006456 Who Needs Surprises?

No better gift than the gift of love?

Nintendo Wii + Paper Mario + Mario Party
New phone: Blackberry or Treo
A weekend getaway
A day of pampering at the spa
Piano lessons for the summer
Something in a little blue box
Painting studio/workshop classes
Foot massages every day for a year!
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