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weekend in review

I had a nice weekend away from the Bay Area and the weird weather that we've been having lately. LA was sunny and warm, and it was wondeful to see old friends and family. My second cousin, who I've never actually met, was getting married in Rancho Palos Verdes. Mom was invited to the wedding but she wanted to avoid dealing with the family, so I went in her place. What was supposed to be a family obligation, turned into a really fun weekend.

Highs and Lows:
* Almost missing my flight after nagging Ada for two days about being on time to the airport. I pulled into SFO's International parking garage at 8:55am, with the flight departing at 9:30am.
* Getting an upgrade at the W in Westwood to a "Spectacular King Suite" for free.
* Spending $300 on trendy sunglasses that I really don't need.
* Going to the spa...twice.
* Having my feet wrapped in paraffin wax while I got a massage.
* Getting to see Patty and exchanging the Christmas presents that we have been schlepping around for six months.
* Paying $25 at a parking garage for two hours of standing in line and dancing to cheesy music at the Spider Club.
* Having brunch with Jas at an outdoor cafe where I was able to tan my shoulders.
* Celebrity sightings: I stood in line behind Lauren Conrad aka L.C., from MTV's "The Hills", inside American Apparel. She's cute in person, but has a bit of a dumpy butt. We also saw Tyra Banks shopping in JCrew. Her butt was well, far from dumpy. Girlfriend has got some bootay.
* Hanging out with my sister and the kids. It's been two years since I've seen them!
* Attending a wedding at the Trump National (yes, Donald Trump) Golf Course. It sits on the bluffs of the Palos Verdes penninsula, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.
* Disco bowling in Hollywood where they had a dress code, champagne, and rock videos.
* Eating red velvet cupcakes and blueberry waffles at Jack and Jill's in Beverly Hills
* Discovering that there is cheap parking in LA - in the heart of Beverly Hills - $1 for the first three hours. Who knew?
* Flying home feeling really relaxed and happy...

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