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I can't wait to get home and bite into a big, juicy burger...grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, lots of American cheese, and BACON (really salty bacon). After a week and a half of delicious Japanese food, I'm no longer craving any kind of Asian food whatsoever. It's too bad that we're now leaving Kyoto, and headed for a small ryokan in Hakone, where I'll be served nothing but the finest in Japanese cuisine. :P

Kyoto is really lovely, but after three days we started to miss the excitement of Tokyo. Being here feels a bit like traveling from San Francisco to Santa Clara; things move at a slower pace, the weather is warmer, the shopping is not quite as spectacular, and public transportation is more expensive.

I've managed to memorize only a few characters for simple words such as exit, entrance, female, male, numbers 1-8, north, south, and yen. And I've also mastered the high pitched sounds of Harajuku storefront girls screaming 'shumimasen' (sp?), which is used for a number of things but most commonly just 'excuse me'.
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