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Less Than Half Way There...

We leave tomorrow morning for Kyoto. It's been a nice stay here in Tokyo if not a bit tiring. I'm not sure how Japanese girls manage to wear heels all day, every day. My feet are so sore just from the sightseeing and I've been wearing sneakers. Nick and I have taken over 250 pictures, half of which consist of food and cute packaging photos. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything yet but we're rarely at the computer for more than half an hour every other day.

Last night we tried blowfish (torafugu) at this little place in Asakusa near the Senso-ji shrine. I was hestitant about trying poisonous fish but wasn't about to wimp out when Nick was munching away. Thankfully it was nothing more than a little bit of tingling on the tongue. We even tried fugu sake, where they throw in flaming bits of fish skin into the sake. Very tasty, with flavors that reminded me of shitake mushrooms.

Some things that I will fondly remember about this leg of the trip:
* Getting to fly Business Elite on the way here - drinking champagne and sleeping in fully reclinable seats
* Drinking sake in the streets from mini containers - glass cups in cute prints and paper boxes with straws
* Oh, magnificent shopping - every neighborhood has something that a girl could love; almost makes me wish I brought a girlfriend on this trip instead
* Thankfully, the $ is worth just a tad bit more - less guilt for all the shopping that I did...
* Girls with big, big hair - everywhere you look there are girls with brown, red, blonde, rarely ever black hair with curls, teasting, and chignons
* Our inability to find any bar or club on our itinerary - though we found plenty of places that we didn't want to check out
* We found the best heated toilet, in the most god forsaken place, KFC - clean, modern, with all the functions plus automatic flushing and lid opening with the wave of a hand
* The unbelievable amount of electronics and toys in Akihibara - I somehow became a Blythe doll collector, and Nick...well he's discovered a liking for perverse anime figurines
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