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still trying to find our way

Tokyo reminds me of New York, except that everything is in Japanese. Minus the language barrier part, I don't feel as though I'm in a foreign country. Hopefully that'll change once we get out of the city. Our first day in the apartment, we ended up setting off the alarm because we couldn't figure out how to work the intercom. :P Someone from the front desk kindly came up and turned it off with a single button, one that we had pressed repeatedly to no avail.

We've been lost a few times, even with two guide books in hand. And it's hit or miss with the taxi drivers, with a 50-50 chance that they'll have no clue about the location you're trying to get to. Last night's cabbie dropped us off in the Shibuya love hotel district, where we wandered for a good hour looking for Womb (a big mega club). We found out by asking around that Womb was actually throwing an event at a different venue...back in our area, near the apartment. Bleh.
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