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Things that go boom

I slammed my middle finger between the car door and a street lamp yesterday. We were parked right up against the curb, with just enough room for me to get out with the door partially open. The street lamp had a metal box attached to the front, but I was in too much pain afterwards to really take a good look at what it was. Getting out of the car was fine, but I really should have been more careful with climbing back in.

My hand slipped from the handle when I pulled the car door open. I reached back to keep it from scraping the ground, and just my luck, I managed to grab the car door at the exact moment that it hit the metal box.


I stared down at my squished finger in shock, and then the searing pain set in as a pressure cut opened up. The entire finger went numb and blood oozed out of the gash.


After lots of crying and a couple of hours of icing it down, it looks to be ok. Not broken or anything, and surprisingly not that swollen or black and blue. It's still however numb around the entire top portion of the finger. :/
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