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I spent Sunday morning at Mirabelle's house playing with her two kids.  A whole four hours worth of playtime with the little rascals.  It's been months since I've been over, mostly because they drive me crazy with the running around and screaming.  Usually within the first hour, I'm bolting for the door and clawing myself away from their sticky hands.  

Maybe because I haven't seen them in so long, but the two of them were particularly cute that day.  I left smiling with a fistful of Power Ranger drawings and stickers on my face.


"Aunt..aunt..aunttie Tim..."  Lauren stammered.

Belle turned around to hand her a watermelon slice.  "Honey, it's Auntie Kimmie!"

" Kimmmmie..."  She climbed onto the chair next to me, and grabbed my hand.  "Can I have sum of your jjj-ooos?

"Sure, Lala." I handed her my Capri-Sun.

She sucked on the straw until the juice dribbled all over the front of her shirt.  Then she laughed and said "Yummy...I get choo more."


"Auntie Kimmie!" Christopher screamed from down the hall.


He ran into the living room, giggling and holding out a coloring book.  "Do you know why 6 is afraid of 7?  Do you?!! Do you!!!"

"Why?  WHY??  Tell me why?" I picked him up and swung him in a big circle.

<Giggles.  Lots of gigling>

" Because 7, 8, 9."


I wrinkled my brows in confusion.  "Uh.  What honey?  I don't get it."

He burst into a fit of laughter.  "BECAUSE...7 .. ATE... 9"

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