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Fedex at Your Door

Customer Service: Thank you Ms. Nguyen, we have that setup for you now. Let me give you a confirmation number for this call, so you can track the package if any issues arise.
Me: Ok, just a moment. *scurries to find something to write on*
Me: I'm ready. *puts pen in position and presses phone against ear*
Customer Service: Ok, the confirmation code is "5..."
Me: Uh-huh
Customer Service: *silent*
Me: Five, got it...
Customer Service: That's it.
Me: That's it? *presses phone hard against ear*
Me: Just the number "5"???
Customer Service: *laughs* Yes, that's it.

I have never ever received anything less than six digits, with some combination of letters and numbers, for a confirmation code. I'm still stunned.
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