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No less than perfection...

I can't make up my mind and Nick has stopped listening to me debate the pros and cons.

I booked a place for Tokyo, a studio apartment at Oakwood Apartments in Roppongi. Heated floors, balcony view, mini kitchen, washer/dryer, queen sized bed, flat screen TV, and all the amenities of a hotel for the price of a hotel room. The online reviews for the place were stellar. Roppongi is a good area with lots of expats and great nightlife. It's close to the subway but not close to the rail line (about two tranfers away). In looking at the guide books, we may end up spending more time in Shibuya than Roppongi after dark. And taxi rides home in Tokyo are not cheap!

Shibuya itself is hip, young, and packed with lots of great shopping. The Shibuya Excel Hotel isn't as cozy as getting our own little apartment, but I can order things like in-room massages, room service, and pay-per-view. The location is city center, perched on top of a shopping mall, which is above the subway station with a stop for the rail line. Very, very convenient. The bad thing is that the room has two twin beds instead of a double.

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Where should I stay?

Roppongi! Heated floors man, heated floors
No way, Shibuya. It's all about ordering porn in hotel rooms
Neither. I should let Nick book a place
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