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whaddya mean you're out of stock?

I've officially bought every guide book out there for Japan. I started with the Lonely Planet and Frommer's but then Nick said that Rough Guide was better organized. So I exchanged the first two for that book. But after a late night of browsing through it, I decided that Rough Guide was too wordy for me. It didn't help that Nick and I were drinking and eventually all the words just started to blur together.

The next day I picked up Frommer's again. The layout was easier to navigate and there were a lot more hotels to select from. But it still wasn't enough. Trying to book places during Japan's Golden Week is well, hell. I needed more options! So last night on the way home from work, I repurchased the Lonely Planet (the folks at Barnes & Noble must love me). This morning I checked to see if they had better prices and ended up ordering Time Out Tokyo, The Old Guide to Kyoto, and Tokyo Atlas - The Bilingual Map.

And esoterico lent me the Lonely Planet's Best of Tokyo yesterday. Uh, yea. I suppose this is what happens when I decide to leave the itinerary at home. I've somehow convinced myself that the only way to travel is to memorize all possible combinations of things that I could do in Japan.
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