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Mr. Potato Head

coffeechica came by the office today with family in tow. Her little one, Amie, is so adorable in person. I gave her a big smile when she shook my hand (very grown up for a three year old ;). She looked at me curiously and then asked what was on my teeth. "Uh, re-th-ainers. But no worries, you have perfeth teeth sch-wee-thie!" She giggled loudly, seemingly pleased by my garbled answer.

As they were leaving, I asked Amie to come back and visit me again. I expected an eager nod, but instead she started to cry. Ah great, less than five minutes with the kid and you've made her cry. Good job, Kimmie. She wiped her nose a few times and finally wimpered, "Daddy..Daddy..called me a sad potato.."

Hee, CUTE... For a second there, I almost wanted kids of my own. Well, almost.
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