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I am spent. It's been a long two weeks. I was checking off tasks the other weekend when Nick asked to see my notebook. He commented on how neat and clean the first section of entries were when I started here. As we continued flipping through the pages, my writing became increasingly difficult to read, covered with highlighting, scribbling, and doodles. Lots of weird doodles. I like doodling when I'm stressed or nervous, usually geometric shapes or block letters. Drawing things of finite shape is relaxing especially when I feel like I could blow up at any moment. Boom. Not in the breakdown sort of way, but rather I'll just implode from all the pressure into a cloud of dust.

The last few pages of the notebook are filled from top to bottom with checkboxes in various states of being marked off. It's been an endless stream of checkboxes. Finish one task, add another five. Finish three, add ten with documentation attached, please.

I do have one thing to look forward to though. :) I am going on vacation. Two weeks in Japan with Nick. Hopefully we won't kill each other, heh. If you've visited and have places that you adore, let me know. We plan to spend a few days in Tokyo and then head south to Kyoto and Osaka, but after that we're pretty open. I'm worried that I'll do too much and come back more exhausted than when I left (this is usually the case with me and traveling). But I want to relax and I'm going to try my best to not overdue it. I've even promised to leave the excel, color-coded itinerary at home. That's serious stuff right there!
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