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Taco Bell hot sauce packets have a new design. I'm perplexed as to why they felt the need to 'switch things up' on the packets and not on the rest of the packaging.  It's um, hot sauce.  Each packet now has random quotes such as "I'm busy, next packet please", "Shotgun! I got the glove compartment", "It's been a long day in the office", and "Will you marry me?". 

Does this make me want to tear into the packet with my teeth?  No.  Does this help me envision sauce so tasty and spicy that I want to grab extra for the house?  No.  However I did stare at them for a long time and even talked about it with friends.  And now I'm posting about it.  So er, maybe their marketing plan is working.  :P


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What do you think of the quotes?

This is the stupidest thing you've ever seen
You think it's brilliant and wish you thought of it first
It's not brilliant but hell, why not?
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