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Another packed weekend but surprisingly I don't feel too tired today. I saw 'The Zodiac' on Friday night at a small theater in Berkeley. It's a thriller based on the Bay Area Zodiac serial killer from the late 60s who shot and stabbed several men and women. Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic as the alcholic, San Francisco Chronicle reporter tracking the case. The movie was a bit ass numbing at almost three hours long, but the scenes move quickly and there's enough suspense to keep you focused.

On Saturday, Nick and I stopped by East Ocean Restaurant for Ethan's Red Egg & Ginger party (a Chinese tradition for welcoming newborn babies into the world). It's still odd for me to see friends with a little family of their own. Maybe because I think they'll contiminate me somehow. Haha. Saturday night, there were two birthday parties to go to, but I could muster up enough energy for only one event. I blame daylight savings. Spring forward one hour and welcome in the summer weather. Sunday was a *beautiful* day, as is today, but I'm stuck in the office so it doesn't count. I love hot days in the city. Hopefully summer will bring us many, many days of wonderful weather.

For Sunday brunch, I finally got to try Mega Mouth Burgers down in the Mission. Definitely one of the better burgers that I've had in a long time...big, juicy, lots of fillings, and done any way that you like.

Too bad it was so warm out, the cafe was ridiculously hot with the grills on full blast, even the cold beers couldn't cool us down. We spent the rest of the day at Dolores park with several hundred other folks. Surprisingly I only ran into two people that I knew. It was quite difficult to locate anyone in the sea of drum circles, one-speed bikes, and cowboy boots.

Before the night was over, we went to see '300' at the Metreon. It was OK. I liked the fight scenes and all the blood and gore. But I could have done without the grainy images and constant screaming, 'Spartans!!' and 'Glory!!'. Rawrrr!
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