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learning life skills like planning, decision making, and forking over money to buy what you ate..

There is an obscene amount of Girl Scout cookies in the office. The kitchen has several boxes stacked high. I'm not sure if this is from BC ordering too many or if someone just didn't pay up. I remember trying to sell these as a kid, more often than not, I'd break even since I wound up eating half of the ones that I took home to sell. This was same with those chocolate bars that we sold during high school fund raising events. I don't think these programs taught me anything except that I was weak to temptation.

I bought seven boxes this time around and have been too lazy to take them home. Which of course is bad when I get hungry. My schedule has been two Tagalongs as 11am, one Thin Mint at 2pm, and likely 3 Samosas at 4pm. I could go into the kitchen and get the 'real food' that I brought from home. But why bother? I'll end up eating from the Trefoils since I didn't buy any of those cookies this time around.
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