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Down on Mission Street

I ventured out on Saturday night despite the heavy rain that started just after 6pm. Nothing makes you want to stay home like hearing the winds howl outside while you put on cute strappy heels. A big group of girlfriends were meeting for dinner and a night of dancing. We decided on The Salt House which several of us hadn't tried yet. Despite my reservations because it's owned by the same folks as Town Hall, I was pleasantly surprised. They serve a small menu with roughly ten appetizers and six entrees. You can also choose from a selection of oysters or shell out a few dollars for nuts and olives (which is a total waste of money, btw). The other dishes however were all pretty good. I especially enjoyed the poutine, which were fries covered in short rib gravy and fontina cheese. Oh yes, yummy. I think it's easy to get things right when the menu is so condensed. The pricing could have been better, but that's what you get for new, trendy venues in the city

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