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St. George Spirits by Ferry

They offer mini bottles of Hangar One vodka with the visitor's tour. Sadly we got lost amongst the wet streets and empty buildings, and missed the tour by half an hour. We drove past the place three times before deciding to follow this other car making the same circles as us, around to the back of the hangar.

The tasting was fun though definitely not as great as going wine or sake tasting. Even with the fancy descriptions and the little souvenir glasses, I couldn't get past the fact that it was hard liqour. However smooth they try to make it, I was still shooting vodka straight up. Small shots, but still...shots...unchilled no less. They do make other distilled spirits, like a tasty pear and rasberry liqueur that I almost bought. My favorite was the Buddha's Hand citron infused vodka (that's the alien looking fruit below). But I've had it before and can get it almost anywhere these days. Before leaving I settled on a limited edition apple brandy. I don't even like brandy, but it was so delicous and wonderfully fragrant.

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