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Heart Warming Recipes

It's nice to know that LiveJournal isn't just about cute stuff, googly-eyes, and all things pink. Ok yes, the site scheme is obviously not blue anymore. Personally I think of it as more mauve than pink. ;) And if you must know, I did fully endorse the changes. I even voted for Fabio Frank instead of Cupid Frank. Apparently though pink nav menus and granny panties were as far as the team would let me go. But I digress. You don't have to endorse all that is holy about Valentine's Day, send something random instead. That's much more meaningful. Because really, nothing says Happy V-Day like getting crabs...two sets of crabs no less! *Sniff*...just warms up my little heart.

Last night I had an urge to make chocolate cupcakes or banana nut bread. I've been saving old bananas in the freezer for an occasion just like that. But it was already late by then and I only had a handful of ingredients available at home. I spent an hour online looking for new recipes, but gave up because I couldn't find anything with the right combination of ingredients. Damn, if I was going go to the market at that hour. I did find a quick recipe for Jello Pudding Jigglers. I suppose Jello is quite a downgrade from baked goods. But whatever, they're heart shaped and they jiggle.

Luckily my local coffee shop saved me from any heavy Jello mixing by selling their own decorative cupcakes. I picked up champagne on the way into work for dinner...and voila, Happy Valentine's! Really, I wasn't even going to bother with anything. But somehow seeing seeing hearts everywhere kinda got me mushy.
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