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Jesus is Magic

I'm so out of the loop. Just found out that Sarah Silverman is going to be at Cobb's Comedy Club this weekend. I love, love her. Of course, the show is completely sold out. I checked on Craigslist and people are selling tickets at insane prices (a $35 ticket is going for $250).

Ted and Maria were able to grab tickets a few weeks ago, but it looks like even they won't be able to go because the venue overbooked. Bastards! If I can't go, they shouldn't be able to either. ;) They plan to line up anyways and scream about customer service until someone let's them in.

The double bummer is that Stellastarr* is playing at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday night, and it's sold out too. I need to update my email subscriptions because I'm not getting notified of any good shows. Boo.
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