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Can I Follow You From Here?

Alex, the girl is leaving the internet.  It's possible that she may come back, they sometimes do.  I've followed her blog for several years and adore her writings.  She left corporate America to be a freelance writer and photographer, and over the years was able to start up several successful ventures.  One of which, City Life, I almost got a writing gig at.  Almost, I say.  I sent in writing samples, received numerous forms, and even signed a contract.  Then I waited for login information.  In the end, a girl with a master's degree in journalism beat me out of the winning spot. 

At least all her old posts will remain online:   The blog chronicles the journey she took to create this life - alex, alex: the hollywood girl, girl at play.  She's candid, funny, and endearing.  The kind of stuff that makes me want to write.  Whether or not my writing is good, I don't really care when I read her stuff.  

She left a good-bye post, fitted with a song by Jewel.  I'm not sure I fully understand her reasons.  I think Hollywood is too blame - one can't be sane and grounded surrounded by so much pretense.  She was blinded I say.

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