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still unknown

coughing up a lung

I fell asleep somewhere between 3-3:30am last night, with a cough drop still dissolving in my mouth.  I've been sick on and off for several months now.  It never fully goes away,  I just feel like I have a hair ball caught in my throat.  Last week I had a sore throat and this weekend, it turned into full blown coughing and wheezing.  baychic thinks it might be asthma instead of a cold.  I used to think it was allergies but I couldn't explain the coughing.  This is the best answer I've received yet, since it only seems to get worse at night.  

I bought Febreeze and plan to spend the evening washing my curtains, and moving the bed aside to vacuum.  Next week I'll see a doctor if eradicating dust mites and allergens doesn't help.

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