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ah, the benefits of old age

He comes to the gym in cutoff t-shirts with dark pit stains, short shorts, and often times not wearing enough deodorant.   For his age (I'm thinking early 70s), he does pretty well.  He pumps out a little cardio, a little bit of weights, and lots of sweat.   All without wiping down the machines.  Tonight I was huffing away on a bike, when he plopped down on the machine beside me.  I turned the volume up on my ipod, and tried to focus on the blinking meter instead of the musty odor that was beginning to surround me. 

He began biking slowly.  Very slowly.  And after a few minutes, he just stopped.  I figured he must have been reading.  Fifteen minutes later, the paper hadn't been turned over and he still wasn't moving.  OMG, the old man has suffocated in his smelly sweat.  I quickly glanced over but instead found him asleep on the bike, hands still clenched to the bars and head nodding slightly. 

Ah good, still alive.  And smelly.
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