still unknown (kimmi8) wrote,
still unknown

In Memory of James Kim

Keigo spoke of you dearly and often.  He sang about your warm heart and generous ways.  He was proud to call you a friend and I was blessed to have known you; if only briefly for those years when we were young and free and still finding our ways.  It's been a long time since I've seen you, but I remember your infectious smile the most.  I recognized it immediately when your face flickered on the tv this morning.  Never in a million would I have imagined that to be the last time.  My heart goes out to those that hold you close to them.  You were a wonderful dad, a devoted husband, and a friend to each person that crossed into your life.  And you passed on in the very same way that you lived: a brave, selfless, and loving man.

Rest in peace, James.

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