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Double Farfegnugen

I love my car, though probably not for any of the reasons that matter. It belonged to the second season of new VW Beetles produced in early '99, the batch with the highest number of complaints for faulty parts and poor workmanship. My car has suffered it all: oil consumption problems, several recalled parts, jerky automatic windows, odd plastic parts that have broken off and been replaced several times, automatic locks that work on and off based on the alignment of the stars, windows that have fallen in just because, fuses that blow repeatedly...and so on and so forth.

Given all that, I can't seem to part with it. It's the first car that I bought all on my own. And for some reason, I just love the color (see photo - car and cheetah print sweater go well together don't they?). But I'm finally ready for something bigger...with four doors...and lots of trunk room...and more horsepower.

Poll #882204 For the Love of Driving

The replacement for my beloved VW Beetle should be a:

Honda Civic: I am Asian after all.
VW Jetta: Practical, reliable, and popular with my couple friends.
VW Beetle: You believe this car was made for me.
Audi A4: The dashboard is uber sexy.
Mini Cooper: Bigger isn't always better.
Honda CR-V: More room for me and my posse.
None: Public transportation and speed walking rocks!

Apparently I don't know enough about cars. You'd highly recommend:

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