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The Lovemakers are at Bimbo's tonight with Chow Nasty and Boyskouts.   I've seen them four times in the last year, and would have passed on this show if it wasn't for Boyskouts.  I'm looking forward to some dance, dance, dance.   Yay!   

Never heard of Lovemakers?  They rock.  Never seen them?  They put on a great show with lots of stomping, flinging water, and making out.  When the band first started playing around the Bay, the girl and lead singer had been going out for several years.  Their first few shows involved lots of heavy kissing and petting on stage.  But they broke up within the first year as the band grew in popularity.  Nowadays, they makeout but it's PG-13 stuff.  

What sucks though, is the big ol' link to Myspace on their homepage.  Damn, Myspace.

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