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Marketing 101

There's something about Starbuck's that is just so holiday.  It's this time of the year over any other that makes me want to walk the extra block in the mornings, to swing through their doors and hear the ring-ding-ding of bells and the whirring of espresso machines.  Maybe it's the long lines of people willing to shell out $4 for a grande, no whip, extra-hot, pumpkin spice latte, with soy milk and just TWO pumps not FOUR of syrup...that makes me want to buy a snowflake giftcard for everyone in my family including my nephew's dog. 

Holidays.  Consume.  I must consume. 

Or maybe it's the rows of snowman icing cookies, the stacks of special Christmas blends, Sinatra singing "Jingle Bells", and the always perky baristas that makes me realize that life needs more tinsel, eggnog, and red ribbon.  Give me more!

"Yes, all of this please.  And the latte is for Kimmie.  Er, no...not Timmy.  It's Kim.  No, no...with a K, as in Kathy. "

"K - I - M."

Ah yes, I love the holidays. head home and put up my fake Christmas tree.

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