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Your Civil Duty

I arrived at the courthouse bright and early, 8am to be exact.  Maybe for some of you that's nothing but I'm not a morning person.  Especially in this cold weather, all I wanted to do was pull on my wool socks and crawl back under the covers.  No one could predict how long jury duty would be, so I packed for the entire day taking a PSP, laptop, work papers, and David Sedaris with me.  

None of it helped.  I believe the silence did me in - eight hours of sitting on my butt and not being able to talk to anyone was torture on the mind.  It took all that I had to not fall asleep in the courtroom.  They had the heater turned up, I was wearing a fuzzy turtleneck and nothing seemed more wonderful than curling up into a little ball and hybernating for a few hours.  To fight off the sleepiness I downed three lattes, several refills of iced tea, and resorted to frequent bouts of dipping my head between my legs until I was red in the face.  

I've heard blood rushing to the head helps ward off tiredness.  Given that I only felt dizzy after coming up for air, this is likely to just be a myth.  

Wish me well with day two.

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