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It's Still Playing Tonight

I stopped by the newly remodeled Bruno's restaurant on Saturday night.  It's been a Mission Street landmark for decades.  Formerly a dark and swanky, jazz supper club - decorated in retro art, mirrored walls and red vinyl booths.  Local live bands could be found playing throughout the week; come for dinner and you'd wind up staying for the rest of the evening downing stiff martinis.  Sadly it's past charm has now been replaced by generic top 40's tunes and what feels like just another "trying too hard" trendy club.  

The space does look much bigger but it was overly crowded with sweaty drunk people.  We found space at a downstairs table and camped out, too disappointed to bother with the backroom or the upstairs area, with it's questionable decor of stripper poles and the blinking 'Pussycat' neon sign.  There was a $5 cover charge, which was why we stayed as long as we did...exactly long enough to down two drinks.  Nick described the venue as the type of spot people go to when they're too cheap to pay for a real club.  Ouch.  

I have one great photo from the evening.  Look at Ronnie's face, it's priceless.   :)

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