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1, 2,,7.  

I have seven mosquito bites all over my body from Sunday night.  It was so warm out that I left all the windows in the apartment open.  The mosquitos attacked me in silence.  I didn't hear any buzzing or the soaring high pitched sounds they make while diving for your body.  Maybe they're attracted to my pale ass skin or maybe it's because of my fragrant body lotion.  Either way, I am dousing myself in bug repellant for my trip to Vietnam.  DEET! all the way.  


Speaking of Vietnam.  I'm not sure how I'll survive two weeks in a 2nd world country (I was saying 3rd but Nick corrected me, very few countries fall into that category nowadays) with my parents.  Granted they mean well, but already they are driving me insane.  

Originally they booked only one hotel room...for the three of us...until I screamed and holla'd that their 30 yr. old daughter was not about to listen to heavy snoring all night long.  Then mom requested that I not venture out in the evenings for any type of nighttime activities... in case I'm kidnapped by Vietnamese gangs.   She also requested that I bring only "modest" clothing (no tank tops or shorts above the knees), despite the fact that it will be blazing hot with enough humidity to put out a small forest fire.
            "Vietnam not like America.  Girl no sexy."  She said frowning down at my mini skirt during brunch on Mother's Day.  
Not sure what she's thinking, but her daughter is by no means a hoochie mama.  Of course I'll dress appropriately.  Did she think I was going to wear daisy dukes with a bikini top?  Bay to Breakers, yes.  Vietnam, no.  
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